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Confucius' long-lasting legacy is down to his all-inclusive philosophies and ideals that promote the betterment of mankind.

Many know, or have heard of, at least one Confucian quote, even if they can't directly attribute it to him.

In order to chronicle some of his most profound sayings, a collection of them was compiled in a book, known as the Analects of Confucius. It's believed the Analects of Confucius is the work of his followers, put together sometime between 475 BC - 221 BC.

Various opinions and social commentaries exist within the book, which is broken up in to 20 chapters, with each chapter featuring writing from various individuals connected to the life of Confucius. The Analects are one of the core foundations of the Confucianism philosophy, and are at the heart of the beliefs and life-choices adopted by its followers.

Confucius' belief that a high-functioning society depends on a moral upstanding of its people can be felt through the Analects. Each chapter provides an insight into the political and social beliefs that Confucius held, but never quite managed to install in his beloved China during his lifetime.

Subjects such as morality, attitude, behavior and forgiveness are all touched upon within the book, with some of the most notable quotes listed below:

The Analects have been translated into multiple languages, and have been the center of several different social commentaries. He Yan and Zhu Xi producing two of the more significant ones.

The Analects are one of China's oldest and most read books, and have had a profound impact on developing the culture we know today. Confucius' ambition was to create a society with ethically responsible men and women, where government officials were honest, and all beings were treated with respect. The Analects have gone some way into creating that society, and to this day remain a reference point for modern morality as we know it.

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."


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