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Confucius, otherwise known as Kong Qiu, was a prominent Chinese philosopher, famous for his influential maxim's and profound wisdom.

Confucius was born in 551 BC, in the region of China now known as the Shandong province, to a noble warrior family, limited in finance, but rich in tradition. Much of Kong's upbringing was done by his mother, after his father Kong died when his son was just an infant.

Qiu lived a humble, unassuming life until adulthood, when he married a girl of 19 who bore him his first child, Kong Li.

As a late bloomer, Confucius began his teaching career in what was believed to have been his late 20's, something which he would continue for the rest of his life. Influenced by the immutable Lao Tzu, he began forming his strong moral identity around this age, something which later lead to the forming of the modern day ethical reasoning seen today.

By around 515 BC, Confucius returned to his hometown after a spell of travelling. By this time he had accumulated considerable knowledge and charisma, and was offered a government job by his local authority. Confucius declined the offer, disillusioned by the state of politics in the country, and opted instead to form his own school where he built a large group of followers and students.

Almost 2 decades later, the philosopher decided it was time to resume his travels. Arguments still rage as to why this was, but many believe it was self-exile after having his idea's rejected politically.

Across China, Confucius was met with incredible hospitality, receiving warm welcomes from local leaders, and gifts, including financial payments. Journeys across the nation weren't always as smooth. On one occasion he was victim to a failed assassination plot, while on another he was arrested due to mistaken identity.

He returned to Lu shortly before his death, where a minor movement into the political field was met with the death of his only son. Confucius' favorite disciple, Yen Hui, also died around this time, making for a very unhappy period in his life.

He died in 479 BC, among feelings of grief, and frustration at his failure to be heard politically. An outpouring of sadness and celebration of his life ensued among locals and his disciples.

Many of the documents we have today had already been completed, prior to his death, while the rest were finished by his trusted disciples.

Confucius was a humanist, a teacher, a philosopher and a leader. While his ambitions weren't met during his living years, during the centuries preceding him, they influenced the lives of many regular, and powerful people. Philosophy, law and moral understanding wouldn't be what it is today without his work.

"Do unto others what you want done to you."
Confucius (551 - 479 BC)


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